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Personalization & printing

In different ways we can adjust our sunglasses to your personale taste. The options depend on the number of sunglasses you are planning to order.

From 100 pieces of the same style

We can print a logo on the temples of the temples and/or a logo on the lenses. For the temples is it best to use a wide logo, this ofcourse because of the shape of the temples. It is not possible to mix different styles of sunglasses, unless you order minimal 100 pcs. per style.


1 colour €0,30€0,18 €0,13 €0,11 
2 colours €0,59 €0,35 €0,25 €0,18 
3 colours €0,88 €0,52 €0,37 €0,25 
4 colours €1,17 €0,69 €0,49 €0,32 
5 colours €1,46 €0,86 €0,61 €0,39 
Film and set-up costs
1 colour €41,50
2 colours €60,50
3 colours €79,50
4 colours €98,50


Digital test €6,50 (because the setup costs are high we can’t create physical samples)
Pre and post treatment polypropylene: ‎€0,07
Packing sunglasses: €0,05

These prices are without VAT and shipping costs. The printing is done by a partner company and the prices shown above are their catalogue prices. For printing the lenses there will be no pre and post treatment costs.

Production time is about one week.


From 600 pieces

Do you want to adjust a style from our collection, for example a pair of sunglasses in different colours, or to produce an own design, that is possible from 600 pieces. Please contact us for the possibilities (in some circumstances we can already help you from 300 pieces).

As this is very specialized work being produced in China delivery times are at least 6 weeks.

Personalized sunglasses

Personalized sunglasses