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Dropshipping Sunglasses

Dropshipping Information

You want to dropship sunglasses in Europe, Nothern America or anywhere else in the world? Don’t look further, we have got the ideal method for you. We can dropship your orders, synchronize your CMS system (at the moment only Shopify is supported) with ours, ship out and deliver your orders to your customer.

Account Setup

In order to apply for dropshipping we have to approve your account and activate dropshipping for you. Login to your account. In your account environment you can find the button to Apply for dropshipping. Click it and wait for maximum 24 hours before we contact you to ask for some additional information. Not all requests will be approved.

Stock syncing

You don’t want to offer sunglasses on your website that are not in our stock. It is important to have a live stock connection between our system and your website. After your account is approved you can create a personalised product feed in the dropshipping section. You can connect this feed to your e-Commerce system if you have some know-how or you can hire an expert to do it for you. 

In case this is not possible for you you can use Import2Shop. Import2Shop is a plug and play system to connect Solo Solis products to your webshop. Currently these CMS systems are supported: Gambio, Shopify, Shopware and Woocommerce. Import2Shop offers full support to setup the connection and can offer you technical support with anything. You can register here. You can select the cheapest plan and at Import Module you select Solo Solis. 

Placing dropship orders manually

After your account is approved you will see a button in the main header menu which allows you to switch from your normal B2B account with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces to your dropshipping account. Click it and now you are able to order individual items to ship directly to your customers. Select the pair of sunglasses you have sold, enter the shipping address, pay and we will process your order.

Placing dropship orders in bulk

After your account is approved you will see a button in the main header menu which allows you to switch from your normal B2B account with a minimum order quantity of 25 pieces to your dropshipping account. Click it and now you are able to place orders in bulk. Navigate to Account > Orders. Here you can download a template CSV file, fill it and upload it. The format is exactly the same as the export orders feature of Shopify. Check this video for a complete manual:

Placing dropship orders automatically

Soon this will be possible with Import2Shop. You can expect it to be live by the 1st of June 2023.


The most difficult part of dropshipping is a cheap and reliable way of international shipping. All our stock is in the Netherlands and will be shipped from our warehouse. When we have received your order before 14:00 GMT +1 it will be shipped out that same day. The carrier we use is Deutsche Post. We only ship to countries in which Deutsche Post offers a full track and trace. You can use this tool to see to which countries we can ship at this moment, what the price is, the estimated transit time in business days and track and trace is available:

Delays happen very often when shipping goods around the world. This is something you will have to accept when you use the program.

Of course it is also possible to use your own shipping method, as long as the carrier can collect the parcels at our warehouse. Just select the option in your account and upload your own shipping label after you have placed the order.

Dropshipping fee

A fixed amount of €1,00 is charged per order. This is to cover the packing materials and labour to process your order. An additional €0,20 per pair of sunglasses is added.


Your order will be shipped in our black shipping boxes. Our invoice is of course not attached in the parcel and the Solo Solis booklets are removed. Also the shipping label will not reveal any information about Solo Solis.

In your dropshipping settings you can choose to add certain accessoires (like pouch, cloth...) by default to every dropshipping order.


We do not accept individual returns. When your customer wants to return items they should return it to your address and you will have to arrange the terms of returning the product with your customer. Every three months you can return the items to us and we will settle with you. Important: do not return damaged items.


Did something go wrong? Then please use the Claims section in your account to create a claim. Possible reasons are damage on arrival, parcel not delivered, wrong item received. The system will guide you.

Can you put my logo on the sunglasses and/or cases?

Unfortunately it is not possible to brand the sunglasses for dropshipping orders. It is possible to order branded pouches and/or cleaning cloths which we keep in stock for your orders.