Printed Sunglasses

In different ways we can adjust our sunglasses and accessories to your personal taste. All the branding of the sunglasses is being done in The Netherlands by an external partner company and is of very good quality. Production time is maximum two weeks.


Logo Printing Sunglasses

In many ways our sunglasses collection can be printed with your brand logo. We can print your logo on the temples of the sunglasses and/or on the lenses. To print the lenses of the sunglasses it is nice to print it in the corner of one of the two lenses. An icon version of your logo or a short brand name would be the best. In case of a brand name, existing of for example six letters, we can position the logo a little curved. To print the temples of the sunglasses the limitation is the height of the temples, keep that in mind. For metal temples the logo will be printed on the temple tips.

Logo Print Sunglasses Accessories

Most of the sunglasses accessories we offer can be printed as well! Now you are really building your own sunglasses brand. You can add logo print sunglasses pouch from textile or velvet materials, cleaning clothes in many colours, cases, shipping boxes and giftboxes. If ordered combined we can make your life easier by for example packing the cleaning cloths inside the pouches.

Wholesale Printed Sunglasses

Let’s discuss how to order printed sunglasses in bulk. The minimum order quantity to print your logo on the sunglasses or accessories is 100 pieces. This MOQ is per printing product, so you can not order 50 printed sunglasses and 50 printed pouches. First add the sunglasses you want to be branded to your shopping cart and then add the desired printing product in the same quantity as sunglasses to your cart. The printed accessories also contain the accessory itself (i.o. you do not have to add hard cases and printed hard case to your cart, the printed hard case product include both printing and a hard case).

For printing sunglasses in bulk there is an additional minimum of 15 pieces per style. Different colours of the same style of sunglasses can be mixed in order to reach 15 pieces, but only when these sunglasses are grouped on the website. In this case you can for example order 8 pieces in black, 6 in brown and 1 in orange.

After you have placed your order you can email us your logo in vector format. Possible file formats are .ai, .eps, .pdf.

Step by Step guide to order printed sunglasses with brand logo

A nice way to increase the value of the product you are selling is adding a logo to it. At Solo Solis we can brand the sunglasses and the accessories for you in the Netherlands. In this blog we explain all the possibilities. With regard to the minimum order quantity and limitations no exceptions can be made. Please read the entire article very carefully.

Minimum order quantity (MOQ)

The MOQ for a sunglasses order with your own logo is 100 pieces per order. These 100 pieces don’t have to be the same. The minimum per style is 15 pieces. This is because it takes some time to setup the machines and every other design needs new fine-tuning. You can mix colours to reach 15, but only when the products belong to the same group.

Correct Sunglasses Order with logo
Incorrect Sunglasses Order with logo

Printing position options

The options are limited when it comes to the position of the logo. One obvious position is on the lens. Most customer choose to add the logo to the front left lens in the left corner, but also the right lens is possible. To wide logos we can add a curve to make it look more smooth. This is also the best position for square logos. Click here to go to logo print to lens of sunglasses.

It’s also possible to add the logo to the outside of one temple or two temples of the sunglasses. Also the right temple can be printed on the inside. This is not possible for the left temple as that is where it says CE UV400 Cat. 3 (or 2, or 1). In case you would like to add a logo to the inside of the temple choose for the one temple print sunglasses product. In case you would like to add a logo to one outer and one inner temple you add the two temples printed sunglasses product.

The temples are in general long and thin. This means they are not suited for vertical logos and also not really for square logos. There is another limitation which is one logo must suit all. By default the dimensions of the logo will be based on the thinnest temple, which means it might look a bit odd on very big temples. We offer a solution for this which is explained later in this article.

For metal sunglasses the logo will be printed on the temple tips.

Printing colour options

Your logo can be printed in any colour, but it has to be the same colour for all sunglasses and it's one colour per logo. The only colour which is technically not possible is orange. You can communicate the colour in Pantone number or choose a standard colour like white, off white, silver or gold. In case you choose white and the colour of the frame is white, we will swich to black.

Vector logo

After you placed the order online you can email the logo to [email protected] together with other instructions like colour. It’s very important you share the logo in vector format. Typically these file extensions are .ai, .pdf, .eps or .svg. A .png or .jpeg or .jpg or .gif is never a vectorized logo. Saving such a file as a .pdf will not make it a vector file. More information regarding regarding vector logos can be found on the website of Adobe. In case you don’t have your logo vector format we can recommend you this free tool. For very little money these freelancers can convert your logo into vector format.

Different sizes: second logo

It is possible to add another dimension of your logo in case you order sunglasses with very different temple sizes. For your first order the price of the second logo is €45,-. For repeat order it’s only €22,50. Please contact support after you have placed the order to arrange it. We will add it to your order and send you a payment link.


All sunglasses can be printed on the lenses. A couple of styles can’t be printed on the temples, because of rubberized material or the absence of any polycarbonate parts.

Digital test

After you have created the order and sent us your logo we will create a digital test for you. This mockup will show you the size of the logo and the position. We will do this for a couple of different styles, typically a frame with a thick temple, an average one, a thin one and a metal one. Rendering a digital test for all styles takes too much time and is not necessary. By email you can approve this digital test or you can propose adjustments. The production will not start until you have approved the test.


The printing sunglasses technique used is pad printing. Your brand logo is converted into a mold and the logo is applied to the sunglasses with ink. This ink is of very high quality and will not let loose and you will not be able to remove it with your finger nails.

Engraving / Laser

We don’t offer engraving. The printing technique we are using is called pad printing. Also we can not apply any metal letters or branding with carving.

Making the order

The easiest way to create a printed sunglasses order is by adding sunglasses to your shopping cart first. When finished, the icon of the shopping cart tells you the number of sunglasses that are present in your cart. Now you add the desired printing position in the same quantity to your cart. After this step you add accessories and you can checkout. Now it’s time to send us an e-mail with your logo and please also tell us the colour you want.

Delivery time

Usually the production time is two weeks (10 week days). You have to add the shipping time to these two weeks before you receive the order. In case you add unbranded products to your order they will be shipped together with the printed products, so after two weeks. In case you want to receive these products earlier we suggest to make two separate orders. The production time can be longer during summer holiday (July, beginning of August) and in December. Also national holidays might have a small impact.


We can't create physical samples with your own logo. The setup costs are very high. But we do have preprinted samples in stock which we can send to you. The photos below are just examples of what these preprinted samples could look like. Please contact support if you need to receive one before placing your order.

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