General Questions

Question What is the price of the sunglasses? Do you have a catalogue?

Once you create an account in our website you will immediately see all the prices of our products. We do not have a catalogue, just use the menu to navigate to the products.

Question Do you ship to my country and what does it cost?

Absolutely. Please check this page to see prices and carrier options.

Question What is the delivery time?

Orders are shipped the same day on weekdays after the payment has been received. Please check this page for the delivery time to your destination of choice.

Question Do you charge sales tax?

If your business is in the EU and has a valid VAT number you will not be charged any sales tax. Make sure you add the VAT number to all your shipping addresses! Customers outside the EU are never charged VAT automatically. However, your government might charge you VAT and/or import duties. This is something you'll have to check with your local government. On the TAX Information page you can find more details.

Question What is the minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

Just 25 sunglasses per order! You can mix any style, in other words, you do not need to buy multiple pieces of the same style. Do you want to logo to be printed on the sunglasses? Then the minimum is 15 pieces per style with a minimum of 100 pieces per order.

Question How can I track my order?

You will receive an email with a tracking code after we have shipped your order. You can also find the tracking link in your account: My Account > My Orders > Shipment.

Question Do the sunglasses come with a pouch and cleaning cloth?

No, not by default. This is because we have many options when it comes to accessories. You can find all sunglasses accessories here.

Question What do I do if I am not satisfied or something arrives damaged?

In the rare circumstance that this happens you can submit the claims form in your account. Our friendly agents will quickly resolve the issue.

Question Are the sunglasses safe to wear?

Yes! Every pair of sunglasses we carry offers 100% UV400 protection. In other words our sunglasses will provide the same UV eye protection as expensive brands. More information can be found on this page.

Question What are the payment methods?

We offer our clients a wide variety of payment options. We currently provide the following payment methods: Visa, Mastercard, American Express, PayPal, Bank transfer and many others. The processing of bank transfer payment can take two or three days. Please make sure you mention the 16 digit payment code in the description without any other information.

Question What is the warranty policy on my sunglasses?

It is almost guaranteed that we never send out a faulty product because we make sure all our sunglasses are in top-notch condition before they are shipped. But if you think there is a problem please use the claims form in your account within four weeks and we will rectify the problem ASAP!

Selling FAQ's

Question May I use your online Images?

Yes, but first tell us on which website or social media you are going to use them. Then you can use our images to promote your shop. After you have completed your order you are able to download them all at once from your account: My Account > My Orders > Download Images.

*Images displayed at Solo-Solis.com are the property of Solo-Solis, you can only use them subject to the provisions of our offer. Any unauthorized use of images and intellectual material will be investigated. You are not allowed to use them on Amazon.

Question What is the recommended retail price on the sunglasses?

Typically our sunglasses sell from €10,- to €29,95. However some styles successfully sell over €50,-. Your selling strategy should depend on the styles you choose, your method of selling, your competition and more. We have found from our own experience that practically in any business our sunglasses will have great potential to make profit due to our careful sourcing and quality control processes.

Question Do you sell sunglass stands or displays?

Yes we offer displays! You can find them on the sunglasses displayspage.

Question What are your best sellers? How do I know which models to choose?

All sunglasses in our collection have been carefully researched and appeal to a mass market. However some sunglasses sell better to certain demographics. We have collected our best sellers in a category page for you.

Question Do you offer rebranding (logo printing, temple printing etc.)?

Yes. From 100 pieces per order we are able to print temples and glasses. Please read the page about personalisation.

Question What material are the sunglasses made of and how is the quality?

The material of the sunglasses is polycarbonate, polycarbonate lenses and the metal is nickel free. We do not have polarized sunglasses in our collection (apart from Capraia Sunglasses). Please read this page for more information. Price / quality is of course excellent.

Question Other questions?

If there are any other questions or complaints, please do not hesitate and contact us through our contact form. We respond to all e-mails on a daily basis between 10:00 and 17:00 GMT+1. You can also give us a call at +31884263999 or contact us on WhatsApp.