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Solo Solis takes the worry and hassle out of your cross sells. We have a team dedicated to sourcing only the most in-demand sunglasses with outstanding margins. So whether you are a small retail shop, a web shop, or a pop-up at a music festival we can help you generate additional revenue with low-risk products (especially wholesale sunglasses).

Other Bulk Buyers

We sell to anyone looking to purchase over 25 of the most fashionable, well-made cheap sunglasses at wholesale prices. This includes sunglasses enthusiasts, corporations, student organizations, football clubs, families and more. The sunglasses distributor will arrange it for you!

Low Risk

We offer fast selling & mass-marketable cheap sunglasses with low minimal order quantities of just 25 pieces. We are your innovative wholesale sunglasses distributor!

Easy Buying

Fast, easy and secure checkout & delivery. Focus on your core business and let us help you buy profitable cross-sells (over 200% Markups).

No Restrictions

You decide on the colours and styles you want to buy. Don't get stuck with models or colours that do not sell! Worldwide shipping and orders are processed the very same day.

Personalized Help

We provide counselling and seamless help with your sunglasses selection and selling. Besides this we supply you with product images and fashionable model pictures!

Experience & Proven Success

Experience supplying the biggest department stores in Europe and hundreds of organizations and small to medium sized enterprises. Buy your cheap sunglasses at the wholesale distributor!

Custom Sunglasses

Can't find your desired sunglasses in our collection? Let your Solo Solis account manager source them for you and help with your custom rebranding needs. As a cheap sunglasses manufacturer we can create anything. Buy cheap sunglasses at Solo Solis!


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