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The wholesale brand name SOLO SOLIS is a derivation from the old Latin language and
literally means “Only Sun”

Wholesale Sunglasses


Solo Solis takes the worry and hassle out of your cross sells. We have a team dedicated to sourcing only the most in-demand sunglasses with outstanding margins. So whether you are a small retail shop, a web shop, or a pop-up at a music festival we can help you generate additional revenue with wholesale sunglasses.


We sell to anyone looking to purchase over 25 of the most fashionable, well-made cheap sunglasses at wholesale prices. This includes sunglasses enthusiasts, corporations, student organizations, football clubs, families and more. The sunglasses distributor will arrange it for you!

Bulk sunglasses


We offer fast selling & mass-marketable cheap sunglasses with low minimal order quantities of just 25 pieces. We are your innovative wholesale sunglasses distributor!


From 100 sunglasses per order we can print your logo on the temples and/or the lens. Also accessories can be branded!


You decide on the colours and styles you want to buy. Don't get stuck with models or colours that do not sell! Worldwide shipping and orders are processed the very same day.


We provide counselling and seamless help with your sunglasses selection and selling. Besides this we supply you with product images and fashionable model pictures!


Experience supplying the biggest department stores in Europe and hundreds of organizations and small to medium sized enterprises. Buy your cheap sunglasses at the wholesale distributor!


Want to start small or don't want to process orders? Try our dropshipping program!

Wholesale distributor sunglasses: Buy best selling cheap sunglasses

Low moqs
From 25 pcs per order
Over 400-1000%
Select the singles you want

Wholesale Sunglasses

Sunglasses have been a staple in our outfits for as long as we can remember nowadays. Fashion changes constantly, just like the colours that are trendy. Because of that, companies should always include the newest cheap sunglasses in their collection. You are able to do this by buying wholesale sunglasses from Solo Solis! When doing this, you have a lot of options. This is the case in terms of the different styles of sunglasses you are able to buy, but you can also opt between a wide range of colours. It is even possible to order recycled sunglasses wholesale and acetate sunglasses wholesale!

Wholesale sunglasses bulk

On the website of Solo Solis you are able to buy a wide variety of sunglasses wholesale. You will have to order at least 25 pieces, although you can of course place a much larger order, as we do not have a maximum amount of sunglasses you are able to buy at once. On top of that, we use a different strategy compared to other wholesale sunglasses vendors. Other wholesalers usually sell boxes consisting of 12 sunglasses. In general, these boxes include the same model but in various colours. In most cases, some of these colors do not sell very well. A sunglass brand of course does not want to get stuck with stock that simply will not sell. At Solo Solis, we have changed the game! Instead, you, the customer, is able to decide which sunglasses you want in your box! Because of this, you can pick the styles and colors you know are going to fly off the shelves. Besides that, we also enable our customers to use our own product images on their websites and social media.

Sunglasses wholesale

When ordering sunglasses wholesale bulk, you can opt between a wide range of styles at Solo Solis. Below we will give you a list of our sunglasses collection 2024, including a short explanation about all of our wholesale designer sunglasses!

Recycled sunglasses

Ordering wholesale recycled sunglasses is becoming more and more popular nowadays. The recycled models we offer are all produced from the same materials. The lenses are made of other lenses or display materials, called rPMMA-L. On the other hand, the frames have been produced from 100% recycled polyester from bottles and caps, also known as rPCTG. Many customers nowadays want to take care of the environment, which can be done by buying recycled sunglasses. Our models can even be turned into custom sunglasses!

Acetate sunglasses

Solo Solis also offer various acetate sunglasses wholesale. These models are made from a cellulosic material, meaning it is a semisynthetic material. A big benefit of acetate is that it is hypoallergenic, while our acetate sunglasses collection also have premium 1.1 mm TAC Polarized lenses. These are very popular as they are able to block the glare reflecting off various surfaces, so they will be a big addition to your sunglass brand!

Wholesale oversized sunglasses

Currently, wholesale oversized sunglasses are extremely popular among both men and women. This style consists of sunglasses that are actually a bit too big, but that is exactly what makes oversized sunglasses such a big trend at the moment. We offer a wide range of oversized models, be sure to check them all out!

Wholesale fashion sunglasses

If you are looking for wholesale fashion sunglasses, you will not have to look any further than our round sunglasses! In fact, data obtained by Solo Solis shows that a lot of buyers want to own a round pair of cheap sunglasses nowadays. It thus makes sense that the best sunglass brand includes these round frames into their collection. You can opt between many types of round sunglasses on our website, while they also vary in color quite a bit.

Wholesale luxury sunglasses

Besides the types that have already been mentioned, Solo Solis offers a few more styles that fit into wholesale luxury sunglasses. This includes aviator sunglasses for example, which will always be popular and trendy! On top of that, a sunglass brand should definitely sell mirrored models. The mirrored sunglasses were a massive trend recently and will be popular for a long time, just like the woodlook sunglasses. We advise brands to include clubmaster sunglasses, wayfarer sunglasses, and cateye sunglasses into their collection as well, as these models have been popular for quite some time now!

Other types of glasses

Solo Solis does not just function as a wholesale sunglasses vendor, we also offer a few different types of glasses. This includes our blue light filter glasses wholesale. These models can be used to reduce the exposure to blue light, which can be potentially harmful to you. Blue light glasses will also make your eyes feel more comfortable when looking at a screen. Besides that, you can also order sports sunglasses at Solo Solis. Sports glasses are manufactured to aid the user in enhancing visual performance during sports, while they can also be used to protect the player’s eyes. Furthermore, reading glasses can be ordered on our website. We offer a few different models with various prescriptions, from +1.00 to +3.50.

Sunglasses accessories

Even though you can mainly buy sunglasses wholesale bulk on our website, we also enable you to place an order consisting of various accessories. This includes wholesale sunglasses cases, for example. Here, you can choose between hard and foldable cases, although it is also possible to opt for various types of pouches. This includes black hard and soft pouches, but a velvet pouch can be bought in a few different colors as well. On top of that, various sunglass boxes and displays can be ordered, just like some cleaning cloths. Visit this page to see all the sunglasses accessories we offer.

Sunglasses with logo printing

Are you planning on starting your own sunglasses brand? Before doing this, please make sure you know how to start your sunglass brand. It is at least good to know that Solo Solis is able to assist you as a whole sunglasses vendor! After all, we offer sunglasses with logo printing. These are custom sunglasses which you can subsequently sell as a sunglass brand.

When ordering custom sunglasses with logo, you have to buy at least 100 pieces and at least 15 pieces per model. However, you could mix the colors, although they have to be in the same category on our website. After placing your order, you can mail us your logo as a vector file. Afterwards, we will sell you a digital prototype before we start producing your custom logo sunglasses. Printing the custom made sunglasses with your sunglass brand logos can take up to two weeks and will be done in the Netherlands.

At Solo Solis, we are able to print all products in all different colors, including the wholesale sunglasses accessories. Because of this, you can easily create your own sunglass brand.

Wholesale sunglasses sale

Even as a wholesale sunglasses vendor, we still offer discounts on some of our cheap sunglasses. Check our sale to see if we currently offer a discount on sunglasses wholesale you want to buy for your sunglass brand. We advise you to regularly check the sale page as we update the discounted sunglasses frequently! By the way, even though these sunglasses are on sale, it is still possible to get them printed with your sunglass brand logos.

Wholesale sunglasses dropshipping

Is dropshipping sunglasses in Europe, the United States of somewhere else in the world something you want to do? Let Solo Solis help you! We offer the perfect method for you as we can dropship, ship, and deliver your orders to your customers! Besides that, we are also able to synchronize your CMS system with ours, although currently only Shopify is supported. To start wholesale sunglasses dropshipping with Solo Solis, you first have to create an account. This has to be approved by us. Afterwards, press the button ‘Apply for dropshipping’. We will then contact you and either approve or reject your request. Ordering wholesale sunglasses bulk is also possible for dropshippers at Solo Solis!

Wholesale sunglasses vendor

Solo Solis is a European wholesale sunglasses vendor that operates from the Netherlands in a city called ‘s-Hertogenbosch. We were founded in 2015, but our team has been active in the sunglass market since 2012. This is the case since Solo Solis has been founded by the creators of Cheapass Sunglasses, one of Europe’s biggest online sellers of sunglasses. Besides ‘s-Hertogenbosch, we also have an office in Shanghai, which focuses on styling and quality audits. However, all sunglasses with logo printing will be created in the Netherlands, just like our stock is located in Holland. Subsequently, all orders will be shipped the same day, if the offer is placed and paid on weekdays before 15:00 GMT +1 at least. We ship worldwide and offer a plethora of shipping options to our customers. To check the shipping options and fees for your country, please visit this page.

At Solo Solis, we consider ourselves to be the world’s most innovative wholesale sunglasses vendor.