Information on VAT

All prices shown on the websie are excluding VAT. On this page we explain you the different VAT scenarios that might be applicable to your company. It depends on the country you are registered in:

Based in the European Union, but not in The Netherlands:
- If you do not have a valid VAT number you will be charged your national VAT rate.
- If you do have a valid VAT number you will not be charged VAT. You can check the validity of your VAT number on the website of VIES. Make sure you add the VAT number to your shipping address(es). When you are charged VAT on the website while you think it should not it is in 90% of the cases because the VAT number is not present in the shipping address.

Based outside the European Union:
- The system will not charge you VAT, in other words you can buy at 0% VAT from us. However, your government might charge you the local VAT. If you are a registered company you will normally get this VAT back in your VAT filings. 

Based in The Netherlands:
- You will be charged 21% VAT.

For some places in the world our system will charge you VAT while it should not (for example Canary Islands). In this case, please contact customer support.

Information on Import Duties

When you are based in the EU you will not be confronted with import duties by your government. If you are importing to other countries there is a chance your government will charge you import duties. For more information about rates and thresholds please do your own research in your country. As a guideline you can check this tariffs overview for sunglasses from the World Trade Organization.