Sunglasses Displays

We offer a collection of different sunglasses displays. Counter displays are small and can be used on a desk or in a window, wall displays need to be attached to a wall and the big displays you can position in or out your store.

All sunglasses displays are very easy to use. Within ten minutes you will have them buildup and you are ready to go. 


Large Sunglasses Displays

The most convenient way to present a large amount of sunglasses is by using a big sunglasses display. We offer different styles of displays for 72 up to even 160 sunglasses. You can use this display in your store, but it is also very easy to move the display outside. The wheels are very stable. This way you can attract customers walking on the street. The rotating sunglasses displays are very efficient, as many sunglasses are displayed on a relatively small surface.

Wall Sunglasses Displays

If you are short in floor surface you can think about buying a wall sunglasses display. We offer them for 45 sunglasses and for 60 sunglasses. You simply attach them to a wall and you create a cool shopping experience.

Counter Sunglasses Displays

Our counter sunglasses displays are ideal for generating last minute purchases at the desk. We have smaller and larger counter displays, some are fixed and others can rotate. Simply choose the one that best fits your situation.