1. Quick order: for regular customers

    It can be quite a hassle creating your sunglasses order. We have large a collection with over 1000 different items. The collection is also developing all the time: sunglasses are fashion and fashion changes. Every year we have to say goodbye to a part of the styles and we welcome new ones.

    We will help you to place your orders in a faster way so you have more time left for your business. Checkout these two very cool features!


    It’s possible to re-order a previously placed order. Login to your account and click Orders. You now see a list of all your orders you have made before. In the last column you see the Re-order button. Simply click it and all the items you ordered back then will be added to your shopping cart once again! In case there isn’t sufficient stock for a particular pair of sunglasses, because in the previous order you ordered more then there is available now, the system will automatically lower the quantity in your shopping cart to match the

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  2. Sunglasses Trends 2023

    You have come to the right place at Solo Solis for all the latest trends. We are a sunglasses wholesaler with a large collection that contains only the latest trends every season. That's why we're going to tell you what's trendy for fashion in 2023. For the latest trends in 2023, we're also going back in time. Back to the 70s.

    Colours: besides the beautiful natural tones in the frames, the coloured Sunglasses trends 2023 lenses are not missing. Matte, milky, transparent colors for a subtle look, but those who want to stand out more opt for the striking colors.

    Oversized: the bigger, the better. That's the spirit. Not only oversized clothing, but also fashion sunglasses. Don't be afraid of all the fun colors. You can combine this very well with any outfit.

    Thick frames: we just said the bigger, the better. This

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  3. Advantages of sunglasses displays

    If you're looking for wholesale sunglasses, you've come to the right place. We are a sunglasses wholesaler called Solo Solis, operate from the Netherlands and are active worldwide. We have many satisfied customers as you can see in the reviews. We now have beautiful new sunglasses display stands that we designed ourselves and of which we are very proud.

    Although sunglasses are often positioned in the display case, they can be given a much better appearance with a different kind of sunglasses displays. By placing the sunglasses on an attractive display stand you can provide more attention to those products. Therefore it becomes easier for you to sell more sunglasses. This can also put your store label in front of people who would otherwise not visit your shop yet. A display stand is one of the most important things for your shop. It will help you to attract more customers and increase your sales. It

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  4. Logo Print Sunglasses Pouch – Where to start?

    Solo Solis, the number 1 wholesale sunglasses company, offers you many branding possibilities. It’s not only possible to add your brand logo to the sunglasses, also our accessories can be printed with your logo.

    The most popular accessory to brand is the logo print sunglasses pouch. This sunglasses pouch is made from textile in black. It protects the sunglasses well. A benefit it is really light and small, so it will cost only nothing to ship. To add your logo print to this sunglasses pouch the only condition you have to respect is the minimum order amount of 100 pieces. The more you order, the cheaper it gets. To print sunglasses pouches a printing company has to set up machinery which takes time and a film for your logo has to be made. These fixed costs can be spread over your printing order and that is why it will get cheaper when you order more. The biggest turning point i

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  5. UV Protection Sunglasses

    We as a wholesale sunglasses distributor understand as nobody else what is important when selling sunglasses. Nowadays a pair of sunglasses is an important fashion accessory. You can see instantly we are offering a trendy collection sunglasses which is completely designed for customers worldwide.

    We made sure the sunglases are safe to use and wear, especially for the eyes. That’s when we start talking about UV protection. The protection levels are divided in different categories. We will explain step-by-step the different protection levels and the protection levels of our collection sunglasses.

    There are five different categories of UV protection:

    Category 0 –  The lenses of the sunglasses do not protect at any level for UV radiation. Recent years we have seen trends with people wearing normal glasses without any optical strength. These kind of glasses are category 0 and offer no protection at all. Most user

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  6. Wholesale Sunglasses Solo Solis

    The working-method of Solo Solis is made completely to satisfy customers. Where most of the wholesale sunglasses distributors are sololy maximizing sales Solo Solis is thinking together with the customers to maximize their sales! In the way Solo Solis has setup its organizational structure the customer is able to select a diverse collection and test it before buying sunglasses that won't sell. 

    Let's explain this in more detail.: Solo Solis is the only wholesale sunglasses which gives the customer the opportunity to order just 1 pair of sunglasses per style, as long as the total order value is at least 25 pieces. The difference with other wholesale distributors is they are selling sunglasses in assorted boxes of 12 pieces. This means the box of 12 sunglasses of the same style come in different preselected colours. As a consequence you will create a stock will colours that won't sell as good as most trendy c

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