General information

The working-method of Solo Solis is made completely to satisfy customers. Where most of the wholesale sunglasses distributors are sololy maximizing sales Solo Solis is thinking together with the customers to maximize their sales! In the way Solo Solis has setup its organizational structure the customer is able to select a diverse collection and test it before buying sunglasses that won't sell. 

Let's explain this in more detail.: Solo Solis is the only wholesale company in sunglasses which gives the customer the opportunity to order just 1 pair of sunglasses per style, as long as the total order value is at least 25 pieces. The difference with other wholesale distributors is they are selling sunglasses in assorted boxes of 12 pieces. This means the box of 12 sunglasses of the same style come in different preselected colours. As a consequence you will create a stock will colours that won't sell as good as most trendy colour in the box. A big frustration for many buyers and in the end a potential loss! Solo Solis is doing this different by making it possible to order solo items. The Solo Solis system is ideal to start rightaway with a broad selection of sunglasses. All sunglasses you order online will be shipped the same day from the stock in The Netherlands to the location you desire. After creating an account on the website you will be able to see the prices of the sunglasses and accessories. This will take less then a minute of your time.

Early in the season you want to test which sunglasses are able to become bestsellers, no problem with the Solo Solis system!  Create a mix order and soon you will experience which sunglasses your customers. An extra bonus is our unique data from our consumer website Cheapass Sunglasses. This way we know which sunglasses are being bought by consumers.

Solo Solis has good collaborations with a selection of factories in China. This way the collection of sunglasses is always up-to-date. The buyers are not depended on just one single factory. Solo Solis is able to spot trends very quickly and also to produce new styles late in the season. The employees working in the Shanghai office make sure the production process is a smooth operation and is also responsible for quality control. If you miss a pair of sunglasses in the collection do not hesitate to send an e-mail. Most of the times your wished can be fulfilled. The wholesale company in sunglasses Solo Solis makes you do what you are good at: selling sunglasses.

A summary of Solo Solis' Unique Selling Points:

  • The opportunity to buy 1 piece per style, as long as the total order amount is at least 25 pieces.
  • A trendy and up to date collection of sunglasses.
  • All sunglasses directly available from stock.
  • Free of charge use of product photos and pictures with models wearing the products.

Do not hesitate to contact us:
Telephone: +31 884 263 999
Skype: solosolisen
E-mail: [email protected]