We as a wholesale sunglasses distributor understand as nobody else what is important when selling sunglasses. Nowadays a pair of sunglasses is an important fashion accessory. You can see instantly we are offering a trendy collection sunglasses which is completely designed for customers worldwide.

We made sure the sunglases are safe to use and wear, especially for the eyes. That’s when we start talking about UV protection. The protection levels are divided in different categories. We will explain step-by-step the different protection levels and the protection levels of our collection sunglasses.

There are five different categories of UV protection:

Category 0 –  The lenses of the sunglasses do not protect at any level for UV radiation. Recent years we have seen trends with people wearing normal glasses without any optical strength. These kind of glasses are category 0 and offer no protection at all. Most users understand this, because the lenses are fully transparant. We do not sell category 0 (sun)glasses).

Category 1 – The protection layer of these lenses is filtering a minimum quantity of UV radiation from the sunlight. One could say this protection is so minimal it is actually useless. You do not wear these kind of sunglasses to protect your eyes. Also category 1 (sun)glasses we are not selling.

Category 2 – Sunglasses with category 2 lenses offer already way more UV protection then category 1 lenses. The filter retains at about 50% of the UV radiation. Wearing the sunglasses in very bright sunlight won’t be enough protection against the UV radiation. But, like stated earlier, in many occasions the UV protection is subordinate to the fashion statement. The new 2018 trend with coloured transparant lenses belong to category 2. These lenses simply can’t be made in category 3 as they will become tod ark. Some of our sunglasses are made in category 2. If so, it will be mentioned in the product description.

Category 3 –This is the standard in our sunglasses collection. Sunglasses with category 3 lenses offer an optimal protection against UV rays. Luxury designer sunglasses are also equipped with category 3 lenses. The can hold a vast majority of the UV rays and at the same time they are not that dark that participation in traffic becomes too dangerous. Almost all sunglasses in our collection have category 3 lenses.

Catergory 4 – Sunglasses with category 4 lenses are very rare. The offer the maximum amount of UV protection possible, but in daily life this becomes too dangerous as your vision will become very dark. These sunglasses are used for Arctic expeditions for example. We do not sell category 4 sunglasses.

Please be aware sunglasses are never suitable to stare directly into bright sunlight. This can create lasting damage to your eyes. For this purpose you might consider special eclipse sunglasses.

A sample of our lenses is taken and tested in laboratia to ensure a perfect UV protection. Also, we have a little machine inhouse to do some basic testing ourselves.